IFF CB meeting 03.04.2004


Place:                   Hotel Hilton Airport, Zurich

Participants:         Tomas Eriksson, President

                             John Liljelund, Vice President

                             Renato Orlando, Vice President

                             Tomas Jonsson, Treasurer

                             Thomas Gilardi

                             Per Jansson

                             Risto Kauppinen

                             Stefan Kratz, Secretary General


Excused:              Peter Lindström

                             Martin Vaculik


§   1   Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted the participants’ welcome and opened the meeting at 09:00.


§   2   Approval of the agenda

The agenda was scrutinized and approved.


§   3   Minutes from last meeting

The minutes from the last meeting, Weissenfels 10.01.2004 were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.


§   4   Economy

a)       Final financial report 31.12.2003 (enclosure 1)

Mr. Jonsson has presented the financial books to the auditor Mr. Brandstam for the years 2002 and 2003. The result 31.12.2003 is a surplus of 25.833:99 CHF, and bookings has been approved by Mr. Brandstam.


The CB decided to put the financial reports from 2002 and 2003 forward to the Congress for decision.


b)       Information on IFF claims  – status 30.03.2004

The total amount of claims are 73.804 CHF, out of which 13.832 CHF are annual fees to be paid 30.04.04.

Countries that have not paid annual fees 2002 and 2003 are Brazil, New Zealand and Slovakia.


The CB decided to approve the report on claims.


c)       Poland – information on ExCo decisions and confirmation

Mr. Eriksson reported that the ExCo, by power from the CB, announced on March 4, the following decision to Polish FA: If failing to pay the remaining dept of 5 852:16 CHF until February 27th, 2004 PFA will not be eligible to take part at the final round in Switzerland at the WFC 2004. The case will be submitted to the Disciplinary Committee for further action, including restitution of costs being carried out by the Swiss Federation for the WC.


Poland has not respond at all, and on March 4, 2004, the decision above was announced, with a possibility to appeal to the Appeal Committee within 21 days, that is at latest March 25, 2004.


The CB noted the ExCo decision and the decision by the IFF Appeal Committee.


The CB decided to approve the report and to set up a meeting with the Polish FA.


d)       Russia – information on status on debts and new management

There is new management in Russia, which RFU has informed IFF about. The total debts are today 11 200 CHF, from which 6 000 CHF should have been paid on December 31st, 2003, which is not the case.


The ExCo however, by the deadline 31 December 2003, allowed Russia to register to the WFC 2005 since there was a payment made of 4.000 CHF in connection with the registration.


The CB noted the info.






§   4   Continuation

e)       Decision on raising transfer fees

The fee for an international transfer is 100 CHF. The ExCo proposes a raise to 150 CHF from January 1st, 2004.

In the discussions Mr. Orlando reminded of the questions and proposals raised by Mr. Botman, from the Netherlands.

The CB decided to raise the transfer fee to 150 CHF/transfer, to be in charge from 01.01.2004.


§   5   World Championships

a)       WFC 2004 - Report A-, B- and C-Divisions
Mr. Orlando reported on the preparations for the A- and B-Division played in Switzerland on the16-23.05.2004. Swiss TV (SF-DRS) has set the starting time for the final on Sunday May 23rd at 16.00 hours CEST.


Mr. Orlando informed that since Poland has been excluded from the participation at the WFC 2004 in Switzerland the following is in charge concerning promotions and relegations:

The last ranked from the A-Division is relegated to the B-Division.
The winner of the B-Division is promoted to the A-Division.
There is no relegation from the B-Division to the C-Division.
The winner of the C-Division is promoted to the B-Division 2006.

Poland, when coming back, must re-start in the lowest division (today the C-Division).


The CB decided to approve the report and to inform all member associations about promotions and relegations in connection with the WFC 2004 and WFC 2006 for men.


Mr. Orlando further informed about the preparations for the C-Division 21-25.04.2004, in Madrid in Spain. From IFF Mr. Orlando as RACC Chairman, and vice President, together with Mr. Koskela from the RC and Mr. Kratz will act as IFF Officials.


The CB decided to approve the report.


b)       WFC Women 2005
WFC 2005 for women will be played in Singapore on the 28.05 – 05.06, 2005, with 18 participating countries, 8 countries (Czech Republic, Finland, Japan, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland) in the A-division, and 10 countries (Australia, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, USA) in the B-division.


Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Orlando reported from the inspection trip to Singapore on March 14-20, 2004.  The preparations, organization and the organizers regulations were checked.


The venues were among the issues discussed and a proposal on where to play will be discussed during the WFC 2004 in Switzerland.


The IFF will start the work in order to contact the flight alliances, in co-operation with the SFA, regarding official carrier.


The CB decided to approve the report.


c)       WFC U19 Women 2004

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the progress of the organization of the Women’s U19 WFC to be played 10-14.11 2004. The organization is set up and a secretary general of the Championships is in office since 01.04.2004.


Mr. Eriksson informed that the contract has been negotiated and finalized between SSBL and IFF.


The CB decided to approve the report.







§   5   Continuation

d)       WFC U19 Men 2005

Latvia has applied for the organization of the Men’s U19 WFC 2005.


Mr. Orlando reported on the inspection trip in connection with internationals on February 6-8.02.2004, and the proposal of playing two weeks earlier than normal.


Mr. Kratz reported on the feedback from the Associations on playing two weeks earlier.


The CB decided to appoint Latvia as organizer, that the Men’s U19 WFC 2005 shall be played 25-30.10 2005, and that the international weekend this year will be changed accordingly.


e)       WFC 2006 in Sweden

Mr. Liljelund reported on the negotiations for the contract. The contract was signed during the meeting.


Mr. Jansson reported that the WFC 2006 will be played in Stockholm, Malmö and Helsingborg May 20-28, 2006, with the semi-finals and final in the Globe Arena in Stockholm.


The CB decided to approve the report.


§   6   European Cup

a)       EC 2004 final round – DUB asking for being relived of costs for travelling costs for referees

Mr. Eriksson reported on the DUB request for being relieved of taking costs for the referees.


The CB decided that this is not a matter for IFF but that DUB must contact directly the national Associations concerned.


b)       EC 2005 final round

Mr. Orlando reported on the ongoing plans for the EC in January 2005. The EC is to be played in Zurich (in the Saalsportshalle) and in Kloten (Rüebibaschhalle) 05-09.01.2005 (Wednesday-Sunday).

Mr. Liljelund reported on the contract negotiations, the contract is scheduled to be signed in May.


The CB decided to approve the report.


c)       EC Qualification after 2004

The CFBU is the organizer for the ECQ in August 2004.


Yet no organizer is set starting from August 2005 but interest has been shown from Denmark and Hungary.

The possibility on dividing the qualification into two organizers was discussed as well as a possible development of the EC system.


The CB decided to approve the report and give Mr. Kratz the task to prepare and ask the applicants for additional information in order to be able to sign, preferably, a 2-3 year contract on ECQ.


§   7   Committees – Reports

a)       ExCo

Mr. Eriksson reported that he together with Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Orlando will participate at the next GAISF GA held in Lausanne on May 20th, 2004, and that they have divided amongst themselves the days at the Sport accord in Lausanne May 15-20, 2004.


The implementation of the WADA Anti-Doping Code must be decided by IFF Congress, on May 21st, in Zürich and after that immediately be implemented into our Statutes and regulations and thereafter informed to WADA, GAISF and the IOC.


The IOC Executive Board would decide the matter of IOC recognition during the Summer Olympics in August in Athens 2004.


Mr. Liljelund reported on the evaluation process for the IFF office, i.e. the SSBL proposal, Lausanne solution and the present solution in Solna





§   7 a)         Continuation

Mr. Orlando reported on a possible forming of an Asian Floorball Federation, an initiative from India mainly.

A meeting to discuss this is planned to be held in May during the WFC 2004.


The CB decided to forward to Mr. Orlando to prepare a proposal on how to implement Confederations into the IFF Statutes.


b)       RACC

Mr. Orlando reported on the work performed by the special rules group headed by Mr. Martin Johansson.


The timetable for changing the rules have been followed, i.e. asking for possible rules changes until the deadline of February 28, and then the next step will be asking upon proposal by IFF RACC for possible test nations.


The CB decided to ask for test nations to test the rule of not allowing passing to the goalkeeper during 2004/2005. The deadline is upon the timetable April 30, 2004.


c)       RC

Mr. Gilardi reported on the work within the RC and on appointing referees to the WFC 2004 in Spain and in Switzerland.


Mr. Gilardi presented a proposal on daily allowances for IFF observers and a proposal on IFF referee appointments in international matches.


The CB decided to take the cost for the C-Division referees from the WFC account and to postpone the proposals on IFF observers and IFF referees to the next meeting.


d)       EDC

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the EDC work and that the Youth Start Up Kit is now ready to be produced in 500 copies.


e)       Material questions

JL and RO reported on the German plan, status, and that the granted 25.000 CHF from the surplus from 2002 from the material system, divided in two parts, the second part to be paid in the end of 2004. The CB decided at the Weissenfels meeting to appoint JL and RO as a steering group within IFF.


JL and RO find that the target of increasing the state associations to 6 (from 3 today) and achieving the target of 3000 (from 2092 today) registered members by the end of 2004 as a sound target. By approving the plan IFF grant half of the funds (CHF 12.500) now and will grant the other half in the end of the year given that DUB has reached the goals DUB has set in the plan. DUB will present a status report for the Development Board meeting held in Zurich on the 22nd of May, but IFF would also like to have updated reports on how the project is moving forward during 2004 according to the following time-table:


First report: Development Board meeting May 22nd

Second report: June 30th

Third report: September 30th

Final report: December 31st


The CB decided to approve the report.


Mr. Liljelund reported from the negotiations with SP concerning a new contract between IFF and SP. Amongst other things a new surveillance system and costs have been discussed and negotiated and now also implemented.


The CB decided to approve the new contract between SP and IFF.


Mr. Liljelund reported that the next meeting with the Development Board and the German FA would be held in Zurich 22.05.2004.


The CB decided to approve the report and invite the DB and the DUB to a joint meeting on May 22, 2004, in Zürich.



§   7   Continuation

f)        MIC

Mr. Eriksson reported on creating the IFF marketing portfolio and selling material.


The CB noted with satisfaction the beta draft as a good start.


IFF has signed sponsor contracts with PUMA (for the referees outfits until 30.06.2006), with Gerflor (for one plastic floor until 31.12.2005) and with Exel (as official ball supplier until 31.08.2006).


The CB decided to approve the report.


§   8   IFF Congress in Zürich on May 21st, 2004

Mr. Kratz reported that the Congress has been announced in accordance with the IFF statutes.


The CB decided upon the agenda for the IFF Congress:


Agenda IFF Congress in Zürich on May 21st, 2004


1.         Opening of the Congress by IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson


2.         Approval of present Associations and the voting roll.

8 associations, i.e. Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Russia with voting power. Poland is under suspension by a decision by the CB from August 1st, 2003.


 A 2/3 majority is 6 votes.


3.       Approval of the agenda

Take into consideration the motion from Swiss FA concerning voting status of new ordinary members: “All members having been a provisional member for four or more years shall be automatically considered an ordinary member with all the rights and duties according to the statutes”. “To be decided at the Congress in Switzerland”.
 (And if decided accordingly, by a simple majority, point 18 of the agenda will be treated here followed by a new voting roll).


4.         Approval of the protocol of the last Congress in the case of article 33 paragraph 3

The protocol from the last protocol has not been opposed to and is therefore automatically approved according to the statutes.


5.         Approval of the CB reports

Annual report 2002-2004, a short resume from the plan of action decided upon in Helsinki for the period 2002-2004.


6.         Approval of the financial report and the auditors report

1.       Calendar year 2002 financial statements by the treasurer Mr. Jonsson

2.       Auditors report concerning 2002 by Mr. Brandstam

3.       Calendar year 2003 financial statements by the treasurer Mr. Jonsson

4.       Auditors report concerning 2003 by Mr. Brandstam


7.         Decision on freedom of responsibility for the CB

             Based on the proposal from the auditor Mr. Brandstam.


8.         Decision on membership fee

Alternative A: Basic fee and player based fee or Alternative B: Basic fee ordinary members 2000 and minimum fee for provisional members 500


             A 2/3 majority is needed for change, and simple majority for the amounts.


9.         Approval of the budget and working plan for the next two years

1.       Plan of action for the period 2004-2006 (between Congresses)

2.       Budget for the calendar year 2005

3.       Budget for the calendar year 2006










§   8   Continuation

10.       Elections

             SSBL proposal: the CB should consist of 6 members, maximum one per country.


             All nominations having arrived March 22, 2004 are according to enclosure.


             Elections:        - IFF President

                                      - Six to nine CB members for two years

- Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee

- Two members and two substitutes of the Disciplinary Committee

- Chairman of the Appeal Committee

                                      - Two members and two substitutes of the Appeal Committee


11.       Appointment of a chartered auditor

             The CB proposes re-election of Mr. Brandstam.


12.       Examinations and decisions on proposals and motions of the members

             a) SUHV: Voting status of new ordinary members

             b) SSBL: Office location to Helsinki as a new home base.


13.       Approval of Regulations within the meaning of article 15 paragraph 2 littera c)

             No new regulation has been opposed to.


14.       Decision on all affairs being reserved for the Congress by the statutes or by law

             There is no such affair.


15.       Appointment to be honorary member

             There is no such proposal.


16.       Modification of the statutes (changes in statutes a 2/3 majority is needed)

1.       CB proposal according to enclosure.

2.       SUHV: A member association having been provisional member for four years automatically becomes an ordinary member (change of article 14 § 5).

3.       SUHV: Provisional members may only be granted for four years (change of article 13 § 4).  

4.       SSBL: CB should consist of 6 members, maximum one per country (change of article 35 § 1, and article 30 § 1).


17.       Dissolution of the IFF

             There is no such proposal.


18.      Admission or expulsion of official member Associations

Germany, Malaysia and Singapore have applied. The CB proposes that they are decided by Congress to become ordinary members.


The CB has decided to propose, as a follow-up from the Congress 2002 in Helsinki, that the following provisional members are automatically considered ordinary members unless they object latest 13.05.2004: Hungary, Japan, Latvia, USA, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Netherlands and Slovakia.


19.       Decision on the meeting place for the next Congress

Preliminary proposed by the CB on the 26.05.2006 10:00 at the Stockholm Quality Globe Hotel, during the WFC 2006 in Sweden, Stockholm.


20.          Presentations on coming World Floorball Championships

·         WFC 2004 women U19 in Finland by SSBL

·         WFC 2005 women in Singapore by SFA

·         WFC 2005 men U19 in Latvia by LFU

·         WFC 2006 men in Sweden by SIBF


21.          Closing of the Congress


The CB decided to approve the agenda for the Congress, after having voted by 5-2 in favour of proposing favourably to the Swiss motion on accepting new ordinary members as item number 3 on the agenda.


The CB decided to approve and put forth to the IFF Congress the CB annual reports 2002-2004, the financial reports for 2002 and 2003, the working plan, plan of action for 2004-2006, and the budgets for 2005 and 2006.


The CB decided to put forth a new system on the membership fee in IFF.


§   8   Continuation

The CB decided to put forth new statutes for IFF (enclosure 2), after having voted by 5-2 in favour of decreasing the CB from nine to six members to be effective starting from the Congress 2004 in Zurich, and after having voted by 4-2 in favour of having four year terms in office for IFF President and IFF CB- members, to be effective starting from the Congress 2004 in Zurich, and after having voted in favour by 5-2 to change the agenda for the Congress admitting new members as item 3.


§   9   Next CB meeting

On Thursday May 20, the CB will have a preparation meeting in connection with dinner at approximately 20.00 hours at Hilton Airport hotel, in Kloten.


On Friday May 21st, the IFF Congress is held, starting at 10.00 hours, in the Stadtsaal, in Zentrum Schluefweg, in Kloten.


On Saturday May 22nd, the newly elected CB will meet for constitution at 0900 hours until 1100 hours, at Hilton Airport hotel.


On Saturday May 22nd, the Development Board will meet with DUB at 1200-1300 hours at Hilton Airport hotel.


§ 10 Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB for the meeting and closed it at 19.00.





Stefan Kratz                                                 Tomas Eriksson

Secretary General b d                                   President