Central Board


Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland

Eriksson, Tomas, President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Liljelund, John
Lindström, Peter
Orlando, Renato
Vaculik, Martin

Kratz, Stefan, Secretary General
Wester, Axel, Marketing Director         

§   1 Opening of the meeting 
Mr. Eriksson greeted the CB welcome and declared the meeting opened at 09.00.

§   2 Choosing secretary for the meeting
Stefan Kratz was chosen secretary of this meeting and for the CB meetings to come.

§   3 The Agenda of the meeting
The agenda of the constitution meeting was approved.

§   4 Constitution of the CB

The CB decided to constitute itself as follows:
Vice President                      John Liljelund
Vice President                      Renato Orlando
Treasurer                             Tomas Jonsson

Executive Committee (ExCo)
Tomas Eriksson, President
John Liljelund, member
Renato Orlando, member

The CB decided to put forward to the ExCo to prepare a guideline for the ExCo work.

§   5 Secretary General, Marketing Director
The CB decided to appoint Stefan Kratz as Secretary General and Axel Wester as Marketing Director, and that the IFF Head office shall be in Solna.

§   6 Right to sign for IFF and right to use the IFF accounts
The CB decided
that the right to sign in the name of the International Floorball Federation shall be given to the President Mr. Tomas Eriksson single-handedly, and the Vice Presidents Mr. John Liljelund and Mr. Renato Orlando and the Treasurer Mr. Tomas Jonsson always two persons together in any possible combination.

Further the CB decided that Tomas Eriksson, Tomas Jonsson and Stefan Kratz shall have the right to use the IFF Bank accounts 559200-10 and 559200-11 in Credit Suisse, CH-8702 Zollikon.

Mr. Kratz shall take care of the daily economical work such as paying bills, sending invoices, do the bookkeeping etc.

§   7 Constitution of the Committees
a) IFF Committees
The CB discussed the principles for constituting the Committees.

The Central Board decided to constitute the Committee Chairmen according to the following:

Education and Development Committee: Martin Vaculik, Czech Republic (new)
Marketing and Information Committee:
Peter Lindström, Norway
Rules and Competition Committee: Renato Orlando, Switzerland
Referee Committee: Thomas Gilardi, Switzerland (new)

As members or Chairman, to be decided at the next CB meeting:

Senior Adviser’s Group: Bengt Sevelius, Sweden

The constitution of the members will be done in the next meeting. Until the next meeting both the existing committee members and those nominated (see enclosure 1) are co-opted to respective Committee.

The CB decided that the Committee Chairman would propose composition of the committees at the next CB meeting.

b) IFF Arbitrators
The CB decided that the complete CB, and the DC members can act as IFF Arbitrators.

Further the CB decided that Tomas Eriksson has the power to appoint IFF Arbitrators.

§   8 Any other business
a) Meeting with the DUB
Mr. Eriksson informed of a meeting he, together with Mr. Orlando, Mr. Kratz, and Mr. Wester, has had with Mr. Rolf Blanke, vice President of DUB, regarding the European Cup Final round, to be played in January 2004.

A formal application to organize the EC 2004 was handed in (enclosure 2). Further DUB has withdrawn their application to organize the WFC 2006, due to the reason of the Football World Cup played in Germany 2006. A formal application to organize WFC 2008 (enclosure 3) was handed in.

The CB decided to approve the applications from DUB concerning the EC finals January 2004 and the WFC 2008, and accept the withdrawal of the WFC 2006 application. The CB furthermore gave the task to the ExCo to negotiate a possible contract with DUB concerning the 2004 EC finals.

b) Application from SSBL
The Finnish Floorball Federation has applied (enclosure 4) for a change of Finnish representative in the Women’s European Cup 2002/2003. The reason is that the Finnish Champion, Helsingfors IFK has merged with another Club, Salibandy Seura Vikingiit (SSV).

The CB decided to approve the application.

§   9 Next CB meeting
The next CB meeting will be held in Prague, Czech Republic 30.08-01.09.2002.

§ 10 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB members for an efficient and constructive meeting and closed it at 11:00.