Central Board


Hotell Roslagen, Norrtälje, Sweden

Eriksson, Tomas, President
Liljelund, John, Vice President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas, Treasurer
Kauppinen, Risto
Lindström, Peter
Vaculik, Martin
Seiler, Karl-Heinz, RC Chairman
Kratz, Stefan, Secretary General
Wester, Axel, Marketing Director         

Lillepalu, Ain
Sinnakaruppan, Ramasamy
Orlando, Renato, RACC Chairman

§   1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson greeted the participants welcome, specially the Marketing Director Mr. Axel Wester to his first CB meeting and declared the meeting opened at 10:00.

§   2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was scrutinized, completed and approved.

§   3 Minutes from the last meeting Riga May 24, 2001
The minutes from the last meeting was scrutinized, adjusted in 8b) to be:

Mr. Liljelund reported regarding agreements on punishments and the upcoming Development board meeting, where the following issues will be discussed:

·         Video production

·         U19 in Germany activities

·         Manufacturers meeting in Solna at the IFF h.q. 

·         Postponed decision concerning three cases from Riga April, 6

Further Mr Liljelund informed that a meeting with all manufacturers is planned to be held in Solna.

and  9c) to be:

The RACC proposals on changing the Rules of the Game were discussed.

The CB decided according to the RACC proposals, excepted disallowing the passing to the goalkeeper. The CB included, concerning eventual disallowing of the passing to the goalkeeper, that it needs to be tested, and evaluated by the RACC no later than December 31, 2001.

Thereafter the minutes from the meeting 24.05 2001 were approved and put ad acta.

§   4 Economy
a) Prel. Financial report 31.08.2001 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary Financial Report of 31.08 2001.

The forecast for the remaining part of the year still points towards a deficit of 50.000 CHF.

An evaluation of the WFC 2001 will be presented in the next meeting. The auditor is presently looking in the books for the closing of the books.

The CB was of the opinion to present a balanced budget for the year 2003 and 2004 to be decided upon at the next General Meeting in Finland, Helsinki May 24th, 2002.

§   5 World Championships
a) WFC 2002 (enclosure 2)
Mr. Liljelund reported on the preparations of the WFC 2002.

The CB decided to fix the complete schedule, both A- and B-Division, according to enclosure 2.

b) WFC 2001 U19 Germany report
Mr. Eriksson reported on the preparations of the U19 WFC 2001, and that Mr. Orlando and Mr. Wester will make a visit to Germany in Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt on 07-09.09 2001 in order to inspect the coming Men’s U19 Championships in cooperation with the DUB.

c) WFC 2003, 2004 in Switzerland – report on contract and other negotiations
Mr. Liljelund reported on the negotiations with the Swiss Floorball Association concerning the WFC’s 2003 and 2004.

d) Future WFC’s
The volume of the WFC’s was discussed.

Advantages and disadvantages with keeping the whole floorball-world gathered at the same time and place, WFC-qualifications and increasing the number of divisions were among the points discussed.

The CB decided to forward to the RACC to investigate possible directions of the development in a long-term perspective.

§   6 European Cup
a) European Cup 2001 Qualification round and Final round – Report
Mr. Orlando has handed in a report from the EC Qualification.

The CB notices that the organization of the ECQ, by the CFbU was excellent, and that Kekava/Simeks, Latvia and K.S. Szarotka, Poland, qualified to the Final round.

Further it was noticed that Pomor Archangelsk withdrew from participation.

The CB decided to fine Pomor Archangelsk 1000 CHF in addition to the participation fee of 500 CHF.

The match schedule of the Final round has been fixed by the RACC according to enclosure 3.

b) European Cup 2002-2004
Mr. Kratz reported that there are still no applications to organize the Final round’s of the European Cup 2002-2004.

A thorough discussion on the organization of the European Cup followed, including a possible light version of the Organizers Regulations concerning the European Cup.

The CB decided send one more letter asking for organizers and to put forward to RACC to investigate a possible light version of the Organizers Regulations concerning the European Cup.

§   7 Reports
a)  EDC (enclosure 4)
Mr. Gilardi reported on the EDC work.

The CB emphazised the importance of keeping the original plan of holding a referee management and observer seminar during the U19 WFC. The invitation will be sent latest 14.09 2001.

Further the U19 WFC participants should be invited to a meeting to discuss, during the U19 WFC for men, youth floorball and development. This seminar is headed by the EDC.

An instruction course will also be held in Germany 27-28.10 with the help of the SUHV.

Further Mr. Gilardi reported that there are difficulties to plan the EDC work due to lack of enough feed-back from the Associations.

During 2002 the EDC is planning to hold instructions/seminars in Belgium during the 6-Nations tournament in February.

b)  MC (enclosure 5)
Mr. Liljelund reported on the Development Board meeting in Solna, August 21, 2001 and presented a new agreement regarding sanctions when breaches of the material regulations occurs.

The CB decided to approve the agreement.

Mr. Liljelund further reported on the work with the public domain video and presented a copy of the video as far ready. The CB discussed the contents

Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Eriksson concluded and reported on the ruling in the three material cases.

The CB decided to approve the report.

c)  MIC (enclosures 6-7)
Mr. Lindström reported on upcoming work within MIC and presented a plan of action.

d)  RC
Mr. Seiler reported that the referee test and nomination forms for referees and observers have been sent to the member Associations.

Further Mr. Seiler informed about the schedule for the work with interpretations of the Rules of the Game.

e)  Office
Mr. Eriksson reported on the division of tasks between the Secretary General and the Marketing Director:

Secretary general Stefan Kratz

Co-opted to:
Central Board, Appeal Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Education and Development Committee,
Material Committee (Development Board excluded), Referee Committee and Rules And Competition Committee (Technical competition related questions etc.).

Economy (Budget, book-keeping, financial reports, invoices, payments, contacts with bank), Ordering of hotels, flights etc., Technical questions regarding competitions (EC, WFC, regulations), Transfers, Web/Info-master IFF web-site and Common office duties.

Marketing Director Axel Wester

Co-opted to:
Central Board (when requested), Development Board, Marketing and Information Committee, and
Rules and Competition Committee (Marketing, contracts, contacts with organizers and partners etc.).

Marketing (finding sponsors, communicating and entertaining sponsors), Contracts and related questions and

§   8 Member Associations
a) New Zealand – membership application (enclosure 8)
The New Zealand Floorball Association (NZFA) has applied for membership of the IFF.

The CB decided to grant NZFA provisional membership of IFF as member 27.

§   9 GAISF information
a) Official delegate at the GAISF Congress
The CB decided that Mr. Liljelund as IFF vice President, together with Secretary general Mr Stefan Kratz, shall be the official IFF delegates at the GAISF Congress and General Assembly.

§ 10 Workshop (enclosure 9)
Mr. Liljelund presented the proposal on the workshop prepared by Mr. Orlando and Mr. Liljelund.

The CB decided to approve the proposal and that material to be used should be the IFF office by hand two weeks before the workshop.

§ 11 Next meeting
The next meeting will be held in connection with the workshop in Hohenmölsen, Germany 09-10.11 2001, with expected arrivals 08.11.

§ 12 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the participants and closed the meeting at 16:30.