Central Board


Place: Reval Hotel Latvija, Riga

Eriksson, Tomas, President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas, Treasurer
Kauppinen, Risto
Liljelund, John, Vice President
Lillepalu, Ain
Vaculik, Martin  
Orlando, Renato RACC Chairman
Seiler, Karl-Heinz RC Chairman 
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General

Lindström, Peter
Sinnakaruppan, Ramasamy

§   1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson greeted the participants welcome and opened the meeting at 10:00.

§   2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved.

§   3 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the CB meeting 07-08.04 2001 was scrutinized, adjusted in § 7c) the wording of the European Cup’s to be 2001, 2002, 2003 (instead of 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2003/2004), approved and put ad acta.

§   4 Economy
a) Preliminary Financial report 30.04.2001 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary Financial Report of 30.04 2001. The report still points towards a deficit of , as reported in the Riga April 7-8 meeting, -50.000 CHF. The CB had a general discussion of how to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The CB decided to approve the report.

b) Agreement between the IFF and SIBF concerning office space and office staff, Mr Stefan Kratz, for the period of two years, between IFF Congresses, confirmation.
Mr. Liljelund presented an agreement between IFF and the Swedish Floorball Federation concerning the IFF office and the Secretary General Mr. Stefan Kratz, for the period until December 31, 2002.

The CB decided to approve the agreement.

§   5 Office development - postponed from the last meeting
a) Targets
The targets for a new employee was further discussed.

The CB decided the following targets for a new employee:

  • to build up the IFF marketing concept and products
  • to find and make a deal with the IFF head sponsor
  • to find and make deals with the other IFF sponsors
  • to ensure the best possible media coverage of the IFF competitions
  • to make a plan for the IFF development work
  • to accomplish the IFF development activities
  • to gain new financial resources in order to make the post firm

b) Marketing Director
Mr. Kauppinen informed that he is not anymore a candidate to be employed as the Marketing Director.

The CB decided to employ Mr. Axel Wester as Marketing Director on a half-time basis through an agreement between IFF and AIK Sports Organization.

c) Agreement between IFF and AIK Sports Organization
Mr. Liljelund presented an agreement between IFF and AIK Sports Organization concerning the Marketing Director Axel Wester, for the period July 1, 2001 until December 31, 2002.

The CB decided to approve the agreement.

d) Regarding employees in Committees
The question regarding employees as ordinary members of committees was discussed.

The CB decided that persons employed by the IFF should not be ordinary members of  IFF Committees.

§   6 World Championships
a) WFC 2000
The Singapore withdrawal from WFC 2000 was discussed. Singapore withdrew by informing the IFF in a written document, dated April 17, 2000. The CB had a discussion in general, and concluded, based on other similar cases, upon the fine as such. The CB was of the opinion that no other measures are necessary, other than fines.

The CB decided to to set the fine for not showing up in the Men’s WFC 2000 to 1000 CHF.

b) Status report WFC 2001
Mr. Orlando reported on the ongoing WFC 2001. The WFC is now running well and the organization have adjusted some small errors that happened at the beginning of the WFC.
It was also noted that all teams participated in the Technical meeting.

The CB decided to approve the report.

c) Status WFC 2001 U19 Germany report, November 6-11, 2001
Mr. Orlando reported on the upcoming U19 men’s WFC 2001.

Among other things it was noted that the schedule and arenas for the matches are now fixed.

The CB decided to approve the report.

§   7 European Cup
a) European Cup 2001 Final Round (03-06.01 2002 in Sweden) – Report
Mr. Eriksson informed about the organizing of the EC Final Round 03-06.01, 2002 and regretted that the information regarding moving the EC Final Round to Stockholm, IFF internally, has not been accurate. Furthermore the CB discussed, and Mr. Eriksson informed, about the reasons for moving the EC Final Round.

The CB decided to approve the moving of the EC Final Round, January 3-6, 2002, to the Stockholm region.

b) Future EC’s (Questions put forth to associations concerning 2002, 2003 and 2004)
Mr. Kratz informed that a letter asking for organizers of the upcoming EC’s has been sent to the member Associations situated in Europe, this far without any replies.

The CB decided to approve the report.

§   8 Committee Reports
a)  EDC
Mr. Gilardi informed that EDC will have a meeting on 25.05 in Riga.

Further Mr. Gilardi informed about a co-operation between EDC and RC regarding a three day long Referee Instructor education during the U19 WFC in Germany.

The CB decided to approve the report.

b)  MC
Mr. Liljelund reported regarding agreements on punishments and the upcoming Development board meeting, where the following issues will be discussed:

  • Video production
  • U19 WFC in Germany activities
  • Manufacturers meeting in Solna at the IFF h.q.
  • Postponed decision concerning three cases from Riga April, 6

Further Mr. Liljelund informed that a meeting with all manufacturers is planned to be held in Solna as soon as possible and once all is set.

The CB decided to approve the report.

c)  RACC
Mr. Orlando informed that he together with Mr. Kratz has scrutinized the International Transfers Regulations and that some additions will have to be made:

1) A player having not played for two years can not be hindered to transfer.

2) A player having played in a National Team or a Club on an Elite level for the last two years is considered to be a Registered player even though the National Association doesn’t have a system for player registration/licensing and should therefore need to do an International Transfer.

3) The National Associations should have a reference to the International Transfers Regulations in their own transfer regulations.

The CB decided to approve these clauses to be in charge from 01.07 2001.

d)  RC
Mr. Seiler reported on the RC meeting held 23.05 where among other things the referee test for the upcoming season has been fixed.

The RC has proposed a raise of the daily referee allowances from 50 CHF to 60 CHF.

The CB decided to discuss the question of the referees’ daily allowances during a work shop, where other issues as well will be discussed.

§   9 Game Rules Edition 2002
a) New rules from July 1, 2002, RACC proposals to CB (enclosure 2)
The RACC proposals on changing the Rules of the Game were discussed.

The CB decided according to the RACC proposals, excepted disallowing the passing to the goalkeeper. The CB included, concerning eventual disallowing of the passing to the goalkeeper, that it needs to be tested, and evaluated by the RACC no later than December 31, 2001.

b) Using of the rules for the season in between until July 1, 2002, proposals from RACC to CB
The CB decided according to the RACC proposal that a National Association applying to use the decided rules already the upcoming season, 2001/2002, will be allowed to do so.

c)Further/other tests season 2001/2002 until new Rules Book is valid July 1, 2002
The CB decided to put forward to the RACC to work out a testing system and to have the disallowing of the pass to the goalkeeper tested and evaluated until December 31, 2001. If the evaluation, by the RACC, is positive this new rule will be accepted and taken to the Rules book valid from July 1, 2002.

§ 10 Member Associations
a)  Slovenia - membership application (enclosure 3)
The Slovenian Floorball Association (SIFA) has applied for membership of the IFF.

The CB decided to grant SIFA provisional membership of IFF as member 25.

b) Canada - membership application (enclosure 4)
Canada Bandy Federation (CBF) has applied for membership of the IFF.

The CB decided to grant CBF provisional membership of IFF as member 26.

c) Malaysia information on application
Mr. Eriksson reported that the Malaysian Floorball Association is preparing a membership application.

The CB decided to treat a possible application before 30.06 2001 by email.

§ 11 GAISF information
a) Information booth at the GAISF Congress
Mr. Eriksson informed that GAISF has granted IFF an information booth at Federations Forum during the GAISF Congress, October 23-28, 2002 in Singapore.

b) Four Nations Tournament Singapore in connection with the GAISF Congress in Singapore
Mr. Eriksson informed about the possible four nations tournament, between Singapore, Australia, Japan and Malaysia, in connection with GAISF Congress.

§ 12 Presidents’ Meeting
The CB discussed and updated the tasks divided in the last CB meeting.

§ 13 Workshop
The workshop, scheduled for 30.08-02.09 2001, or later, was discussed.

Possible objectives was discussed, such as:

  • What has been done, what are the achievements and where shall we go from here
  • Strategy and philosophy of the IFF in the future
  • Composition and tasks of the IFF bodies
  • The Competitions
  • Development and Education
  • Referees
  • Marketing (sponsoring, promotion, media)
  • Finances

A possible mix of participants was discussed. It was agreed that it would be ideal to have a mix of persons representing various areas, such as the CB, Committee members, players, coaches and referees.

The CB decided to forward to Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Orlando to work out a proposal on the workshop.

§ 14 Next meeting
The next CB meeting will be held 30.08-02.09.

§ 15 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the participants for their efforts and closed the meeting at 14.10.