Central Board


Place: Hotel Metropole, Riga

Eriksson, Tomas, President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas, Treasurer
Kauppinen, Risto - not § 5
Liljelund, John, Vice President
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Orlando, Renato RACC Chairman
Seiler, Karl-Heinz RC Chairman 
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General  - not § 5

Sinnakaruppan, Ramasamy
Vaculik, Martin

§   1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson greeted the participants welcome and opened the meeting at 10:00

§   2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved.

§   3 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the last meeting was scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§   4 Economy
a) Preliminary Financial report 31.12.2000 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary financial report per 31.12.2000. The outcome shows a deficit of minus -12.900 CHF for the year 2000. The budget for 2000 decided by the Congress in Prague was supposed to balance, but the CB decided at its January 2000 meeting in Oslo to revise the budget with a budgeted deficit of minus –29.131 CHF. This due to the fact that the turnover for 2000 was cut in half for incomes as well as costs for equipment approval and sponsorship and advertisements.

The CB decided to approve the preliminary financial report, for the year 2000, and put it forth to the auditor.

b)  Preliminary Financial report per 31.03.2001 and forecast for 2001 (enclosure 2)
Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary financial report per 31.03.2001. The budget for the year 2001, decided by the Congress in Oslo May 18th 2000, should balance with a turnover of 388.000 CHF. Mr. Jonsson presented a forecast of the budget 2001, which points to a deficit of approximately –50.000 CHF. This is due to, mainly, two reasons. On the one hand there seems to be a surplus in equipment approval income of plus +35.000 CHF, but on the other hand there seems to be a deficit in sponsorship and advertisements income of minus -100.000 CHF. This adds up to a total preliminary forecast of minus –50.000 CHF for the calendar year 2001. Based on this information Mr. Jonsson presented a revised budget, with a budgeted deficit of minus –50.000 CHF, for the year 2001.

The CB decided to approve the preliminary financial report per 31.3.2001, and decided to approve the revised budget for the year 2001 with a budgeted deficit of minus –50.000 CHF.

The CB decided to show both the budget decided by Congress, and the budget revised by the CB when reports are distributed to the CB and presented on the internet.

c)  Office development discussions in general, objectives and economical frames
The need to develop the office by increasing the staff, and how to finance it, was thoroughly discussed, where finding more sponsors, the development work and material questions are key-questions. The CB is of the opinion that there is a need of more marketing of the sport as such and that in the long term the funding for additional office staff should be born by these marketing activities leading to external funds being raised. The objectives, in short, could be as follows.

  • to build up the IFF marketing concept and products
  • to find and make a deal with the IFF head sponsor
  • to find and make deals with the other IFF sponsors
  • to ensure the best possible media coverage of the IFF competitions
  • to make a plan for the IFF development work
  • to accomplish the IFF development activities
  • to gain new financial resources in order to make the post firm

 §   5 Office development
Based on the office discussions in general, and the above objectives, the CB started a discussion how to increase the staff and what frames are available. The treasurer reported that on the one hand there are no financial funds available, during the budget year 2001, for additional office staff costs, but on the other hand the discussion lead to the fact that in the long term this second employee would carry its own costs due to marketing funding.

Two different proposals were available, i.e. Mr. Axel Wester proposed by the IFF President and Mr. Risto Kauppinen proposed by the Finnish Floorball Federation (FFF).

In short the proposals consisted of the following:

-          Mr. Axel Wester, former secretary general of the Swedish Floorball Federation and now working for the club AIK in Solna, Sweden, on halftime starting 1.7.2001. Staff costs would be carried by the IFF solely, and Wester would be employed on a signed contract between IFF and AIK. This with the purpose not no take any risks of carrying further staff costs in general in the future.

-          Mr. Risto Kauppinen, President of the FFF and CB Member, working half or fulltime for the IFF. This proposal was based on that the FFF would raise additional funds for Kauppinen working full time, i.e. the difference between half and full time. Kauppinen would be stationed in Helsinki.

The CB started a discussion about strong and weak points in the two different proposals. The IFF President was of the opinion that the second employee should be stationed at the IFF office in Solna, regardless of nationality. This due to the fact that there is today only one employee and coordination and efficiency is vital. The vice President of IFF, and the FFF, were of the opinion that there would not be any problems with having Risto Kauppinen stationed in Helsinki. The main thing would be to have a good split of jobs between the two employees.

The CB also discussed the possibility to have both Wester and Kauppinen as employees.

After a long and thorough discussion the vice President proposed that the CB should vote about how to deal with the matter. The proposal was to look at the matter in the following way:

1.       To have 1 or 2 additional employees?

2.       Where to station the staff?

3.       What different duties should the staff have?

4.       How to finance the office staff?

5.       Whom to employ?

The CB decided to have one additional employee and be stationed in Solna at the IFF office.
Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Lillepalu were against the decision.

The CB decided to postpone the decision of implementation to the CB meeting in Riga May 24th.
Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Lillepalu were against the decision.

§   6 World Championships
a)  WFC 2001
Mr. Orlando reported on meetings with the WFC organizer and on the progress of the organization of the WFC 2001.

It was reported that the final match will not, unfortunately, be broadcasted neither in Finland, Norway nor Sweden.

Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund reported that the contract with the Latvian Floorball Union has been signed.

The CB decided to approve the contract concerning the WFC 2001.

b)  WFC 2002
Mr. Liljelund reported on the progress with the organization of the WFC 2002.

The CB decided to approve the match schedule of the A-division.

The CB decided to approve the contract concerning the WFC 2002, and the contract between IFF and SSBL was signed.

c)  U19 Championships 2001
Mr. Eriksson reported on a meeting he, together with Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Orlando had with the President of the German Floorball Association, Mr. Arndt Rüger, in Düsseldorf on

March 2 where all issues concerning the U19 Championships were looked into.

The first WFC will be played in Sachsen and Sachsen- Anhalt in Germany during the period November 6 til 11, 2001.

As many as 13 nations have registered for participation and the CB noted this with pleasure.

The contract between IFF and DUB was scrutinized and approved.

The CB decided to play the U19 WFC in 2 groups of 4 teams and 1 group of 5, and that Quarter-finals should be played.

The draw of the groups was carried out with the following outcome:

Group 1: Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Hungary
Group 2: Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Japan
Group 3: Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Poland

The CB decided to approve the contract concerning the WFC 2001 U19 boys between the IFF and the DUB, and to determine the draw of groups and playing schedule.

d) World University Floorball Championship 2002 (enclosure 3)
The first World University Floorball Championship will be played in January 2002, in
Sweden in Gothenburg.

FISU has asked the IFF to nominate a Technical delegate to the WUFC 2002.

The CB decided to nominate Mr. Orlando as Technical delegate for the WUFC 2002.

e) WFC 2003 and WFC 2004 in Switzerland
The CB has already decided to grant the SUHV the rights to organize the coming WFC 2003 for women and WFC 2004 for men. Mr. Liljelund has the task to negotiate contracts with the Swiss Floorball Association. Negotiations will start in the near future.

f) Future WFC's
The secretary general reported that the following letters of interest to organize coming WFC’s, up til this date, have arrived:

WFC 2006 Germany and Spain
WFC 2008 The Czech Republic

The CB had a discussion in general about the coming WFC. Issues such as when to play outside Europe where discussed. The CB was of the opinion that this needs to be discussed among all associations. The CB also concluded that the CB has already earlier decided the following:

-          to ask associations 6 years in advance for the interest to organize

-          4 years in advance sign contracts

-          in order to organize a WFC for men an association should earlier have been an organizer for WFC for women or U19

The CB decided to raise the issues of coming WFC’s at the next Presidents´Meeting in Riga during the WFC on Friday May 25.

§   7 European Cup
a)  European Cup 2000/2001
Mr. Orlando reported from the Final round of the EC 2000/2001.

b)  European Cup 2001/2002
Mr. Jansson informed about progress of the organization of the EC 2001/2002.

c)  Future European Cup’s
The secretary general reported that, up til this date, no letters of interest to organize the coming European Cups starting from 2003 have arrived.

The CB decided to put forward to the secretary general to send a letter asking for organizers of the future European Cups 2003, 2004 and 2005.

§   8 Committee Reports
a)  EDC
Mr. Gilardi reported about a Development inquiry he has sent to the member Associations.

Far from all have replied, but Mr. Gilardi is thankful to those having replied.

The EDC is planning to have a meeting during the WFC 2001.

b)  MC (enclosure 4)
Mr. Liljelund informed about results of the surveillance testing carried out during 2000.

The proposal from MC concerning a sanction system for manufacturers breaking the Material Regulations was discussed.

The CB decided according to the proposal point 1-5 according to enclosure 4.

Cases where material have failed in tests where discussed.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that a fine, in various levels, should be imposed in all cases and that an exchange of the material should be carried out in some cases.

Mr. Eriksson proposed that a possible exchange of material and the possible fines should be
finally decided by himself and Mr. Liljelund after having checked all relevant material.

The CB decided, by voting 5-3, according to Mr. Eriksson’s proposal.
Mr. Kauppinen, Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Lillepalu made a reservation against the decision.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the decision must be made by 11.04.01

Mr. Eriksson proposed that the decision must be taken when all relevant material has arrived.

The CB decided, by voting 5-3, according to Mr. Eriksson’s proposal.
Mr. Kauppinen, Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Lillepalu made a reservation against the decision.

c)  MIC (enclosure 5-6)
Mr. Lindström reported on MIC meetings held 06.01 and 16-17.02 2001.

Further Mr. Lindström reported on the budget for producing the brochure.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that MIC also should investigate the costs to have the brochure
translated into one more language.

d)  RACC (enclosure 7-8)
Mr. Orlando reported on the meeting held 06.01.2001

Mr. Seiler reported on the rules meeting 31.03.2001.

Mr. Orlando asked for feed-back on the proposed rules changes by 30.04.01
to have more material before the CB decisions in May.

Eventual changes of the rules of the game will be in force and implemented via the new rulesbook starting from July 1st 2002.

The CB will, based on proposals from the RACC, take into consideration the fact that rules tests can be carried out also the next season, 2001/2002, before the actual new rule book is in force.

The CB decided to approve the reports and to take a decision on all rules of the game at the next meeting, as earlier planned, in Riga Thursday May 24.

e)  RC
Mr. Seiler reported on the RC work during the season where the system of observing referees and education of referee observers has had a high priority.

Mr. Seiler further reported on the 6 Nation tournament in Belgium.

§   9 Member Associations
a)  Italy - membership application (enclosure 9)
Federazione Italiana Unihockey Floorball, the Italian Unihockey and Floorball Association,
has applied for membership of the IFF.

The CB decided to grant FIUF provisional membership of IFF as member 24.

b)  Japan - report (enclosure 10)
Mr. Liljelund reported on meetings, he, together with Mr. Kratz, held with Japanese floorball March 3-7.

The CB decided according to the five points stated in the enclosed letter to JFC, JFF and JUA dated Tokyo 06.03 2001.

§ 10 GAISF information
Mr. Eriksson reported on the communication held with GAISF and the Singapore Sports Council in the aspects of presenting and demonstrating floorball in connection with the GAISF Congress in Singapore October 23rd-28th 2001.

The activities should consist of an IFF information booth and a four nations tournament, including Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, organized by the Singapore Floorball Association.

Mr. Eriksson further reported on letters regarding Dr Kim’s candidacy as President of IOC.

The CB decided according to the Presidents report.

§ 11 President's Meeting during WFC in Latvia
a) Objectives
The CB discussed and concluded the following objectives for the Presidents’ meeting:

Info regarding the development of international floorball after the GAISF membership (TE, TG)

Info regarding coming WFC 2001 U19 and WFC 2002 men (DUB, SSBL)

Further WFC:s and organizers of these (RO)

- When to play the first WFC outside Europe

- When to play the first U19 for Women

Info regarding the material questions (JL)

b) Date
The CB decided that the President’s Meeting should be held in Riga Friday May 25th 10:00-13:00, ending with lunch.

§ 12 Next meeting
a) Next meeting
The next CB meeting will be held in Riga Thursday May 24th 10:00-13:00

b) Workshop
A memorandum for the IFF workshop, preliminary August 30th til September 2nd
should be prepared until the next meeting.

§ 13 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the participants for their efforts and closed the meeting at 00.15