Central Board


Place: Grand Hotel, Oslo, Norway

Eriksson, Tomas President
Liljelund, John Vice President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Lillepalu, Ain
Vaculik, Martin
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General

Lindström, Peter
Sinnakaruppan, Ramasamy

§ 1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 10.00 29.01 2000.

§ 2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved with some completions.

§ 3 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the CB meeting 04-05.09 1999 was scrutinized and put ad acta.

§ 4 Economy
a) Financial report 31.12 1999 (enclosure 1 & 2)
Mr. Jonsson presented the Financial Report and the auditor’s report of 31.12 1999.

The CB noted that Tarkett Sommer, although they verbally has stated to continue the co-operation, not has fulfilled the agreement regarding co-operation with the IFF.

The CB decided to depreciate the debts of USA for 1996, 1997 and 1998, and the debts of Australia for 1998 and the debts of Belgium for 1998, and to transfer 10,0000 to reserves for a joint co-operation with NBF and NRK to produce a floorball promotion video, and to present the Financial Report for 1999 to the IFF Congress for decision.

The CB further decided to contact Tarkett Sommer regarding payment for 1999.

b) Revised Budget 2000 (enclosure 3)
Mr. Jonsson presented a proposal of a revised budget for 2000.

The CB decided to work according to the revised version.

c) Budget 2001 and 2002
The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Jonsson and Mr. Kratz to prepare budget proposals for 2001 and 2002 until the next meeting, to be presented to the IFF Congress for decision..

§ 5 Nominations
a) Committees (enclosure 4)
The German Floorball Association has nominated Mr. Jörg Heuer as member of the IFF Referee Committee (RC).

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Jörg Heuer as member of the IFF RC.

b) Referees and Observers (enclosure 5)
The Danish Floorball Federation has nominated three referee pairs as IFF referees for 1999/2000.

The CB decided to reject the nominations since neither of the pairs did pass the rules test.

§ 6 World Championships
a) WFC 2000 (enclosure 6)
The WFC 2000 organizer has sent out a first information to the participants.

Mr. Jonsson reported further on the progress with the organization of the WFC 2000.

b) WFC 2001
Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Kratz reported on the ongoing discussions with the WFC 2001 organizer.

The plan is to conclude the discussions and have a contract ready by the next meeting.

Mr. Jonsson informed about possibilities to get support for developing sport in for example Latvia.

The CB decided to ask NBF of the possibility to raise funds to support the Latvian Floorball Union with the organization of the WFC 2001.

c) WFC 2002
Mr. Kauppinen and Mr. Liljelund reported on the progress of the organization of the WFC 2002.

The contract was discussed.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Jonsson to negotiate and sign a contract with the WFC 2002 organizer, to be ratified in the next meeting.

d) U19 Championships 2001
Mr. Kauppinen reported that no letter of interest to organize U19 Championships 2001 has arrived.

A new letter to ask for organizers shall be sent, together with the Organizers Regulations for U19 Championships and the matter will again be treated in the next meeting.

§ 7 European Cup
a) European Cup 1999 Final Round (enclosure 7)
Mr. Liljelund reported from the Final Round of the European Cup 1999.

The CB noted that the EC 99 was prosperous.

The CB also noted a letter that has arrived from Haninge IBK, Sweden, thanking SUHV and IFF for the organization of the EC 1999.

b) Further European Cup's (enclosure 8)
Mr. Kauppinen presented the IFF RACC proposal on the future European Cups’.

The CB decided according to the RACC proposal with the addition that the ranking system according to the proposal will be calculated after the next European Cup.

The CB further decided to ask for organizers for the European Cup 4-7.01 2001 and 3-6.01 2002 with the dead-line set to 29th of February, and to put forward to Mr. Liljelund to negotiate regarding contracts, and to, preferably, decide about organizers in the next meeting.

§ 8 Committee Reports
a) DC (enclosure 9)
Mr. Kratz reported on the DC decision in a doping matter.

b) EDC (enclosure 10-11)
Mr. Gilardi reported on the work within the Committee.

A report regarding floorball in Singapore has arrived.

The CB noted the very positive development.

A letter regarding the international Trainer conference in Germany has arrived.

The seminar will be held on a basic level in German language. At the same time two exhibition matches between Germany and a selection team from Switzerland will be played.

Mr. Gilardi also reported that Italy most probably will found an Association this summer.

c) MC (enclosure 12)
Mr. Liljelund reported on two meetings with the manufacturers and the communication related to these.

The CB decided to start an advisory Development Board together with the manufacturers, to prolong the transfusion period for equipment approved before May 1, 1999, to 30.06 2003, and to lower the fee for the IFF sticker for sticks to 0.40 CHF. If more than 400,000 stick stickers are sold in a year a reduction of 0.10 CHF per stick sticker will be made.

The CB also decided to start negotiations with SP regarding a change of the testing procedure concerning new equipment consisting of already approved components, and to what extent the surveillance testing should be carried out.

The CB further decided to inform the manufacturers and SP of the decisions and to brief the member Associations in what way they should perform the checking of the use of approved equipment only. To this letter a reply from each Association will be required.

d) MIC
In the absence of Mr. Lindström, Mr. Eriksson reported on the MIC work.

How to increase the number of sponsors of IFF was discussed.

The CB opinion is that MIC should have a meeting, preferably during WFC 2000, trying to co-ordinate different Association sponsors and that MIC should start discussions with persons or companies to get sponsors.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Wester, on a provisional basis, to work on finding sponsors to the IFF.

e) RACC (enclosures 13-16)
Mr. Kauppinen reported from the RACC meetings in Helsinki 04-05.12 and in Bern 30.12 1999, and that the next meeting will be held, together with the RC, in Riga 04-05.03 2000.

Mr. Kauppinen presented the RACC proposal regarding changing of the Rules of the Game and that the process already has started according to the proposal.

The IFF RACC has worked out a proposal of a lighter version of the Organizers Regulations, to be used in the U19 Championships.

The CB decided to approve the lighter version of regulations for U19 Championships organizers and to put forward to the IFF RACC to again ask for an organizer of the U19 Championships 2001, and to approve the RACC proposal on how to change the Rules of the Game and to put forward the proposal to the Congress for decision.

f) RC (enclosure 17)
Mr. Werner Schlossmacher has sent in a review/outlook on the RC activities.

The report was discussed, noted and put ad acta.

§ 9 Member Associations
a) Report and Decision on Japan (enclosure 18)
Mr. Liljelund reported on the communication in the matter concerning the status of floorball in Japan.

The question was thoroughly discussed.

The CB decided to prolong the suspension of JFF until the next CB meeting, and, as a last attempt, to put forward to Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Kratz to set up a schedule for a solution of the situation together with NRAJ, to have the matter solved during March and presented for decision until the next CB meeting.

The aim of the activities is to secure the development of floorball in Japan and to have a Japanese national team participating in the WFC 2000.

b) Letter from Australia (enclosure 19)
A letter from Mr. Rainer Martiskin, President of the Australian Floorball Association, regarding the IFF development work has arrived.

The letter was discussed, noted and put ad acta.

c) Letter regarding floorball in China (enclosure 20)
A letter from Xiaoling Yang from China, regarding possible financial support for promoting floorball in China, has arrived.

The letter was discussed, noted and put ad acta.

§ 10 GAISF application
Mr. Kratz reported that GAISF has changed their statutes regarding new members so that new members shall consist of at least 30 member Associations.

Mr. Kratz further presented a renewed version of the application for membership of GAISF.

The CB decided to send in the application to GAISF, and also, in co-ordination with SAG, to set up a meeting with GAISF.

§ 11 World Championships for students
Mr. Eriksson reported that the Swedish Association for Student Sports (SAIF) are planning to apply to organize a floorball FISU World Championship 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The CB decided to actively support such an application.

§ 12 Congress 2000
a) Timetable
The time-table of the 5th IFF Congress May 18, 2000, in Oslo, was discussed.

The CB decided that the start of the Congress shall be 11.00 a.m. at Hotel Grand in Oslo.

b) CB proposals
The CB proposals was discussed.

The CB decided to propose to the Congress to decide upon how to change the Rules of the Game, and to propose to the Congress to ratify the criteria’s and system on equipment approval.

c) Annual Report 1998 & 1999
The Annual Report of 1998 and 1999 was discussed.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz to collocate the Annual Report for 1998 and 1999 based on the Committee reports.

d) Working Plan 2000-2002
The Working Plan for the period 2000-2002 was discussed.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz to collocate the Working Plan for 2000-2002 based on the Committee plans.

§ 13 Next meeting
The original plan of the next CB meeting was to have the meeting in Berlin, Germany, April 8-9, 2000.

Since the German Floorball Association has sent a letter asking the CB to have a CB meeting in Bremen September 8-10, 2000, the CB decided to have the next meeting in London, April 1-2, 2000.

Further meetings was decided to be held May 17 and May 19 in Oslo, and September 9-10 in Bremen, Germany.

§ 14 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB and closed the meeting 18.00.