Floorball Champions Cup
Wednesday 02.10.2013 10:00
Tigers  3 — 4  Rönnby IBK
Tigers  —  Rönnby IBK
Wednesday 02.10.2013 13:00
Alligator Malans  10 — 2  SK Lielvarde
Alligator Malans  —  SK Lielvarde
Wednesday 02.10.2013 15:30
Classic  5 — 4  Piranha Chur
Classic  —  Piranha Chur
Wednesday 02.10.2013 18:30
Falun  5 — 1  Classic
Falun  —  Classic
Thursday 03.10.2013 10:00
Vitkovice  3 — 10  Falun
Vitkovice  —  Falun
Thursday 03.10.2013 13:00
SB-Pro  6 — 1  Tigers
SB-Pro  —  Tigers
Thursday 03.10.2013 17:30
Sveiva  1 — 10  Classic
Sveiva  —  Classic
Thursday 03.10.2013 20:15
SPV  6 — 3  Alligator Malans
SPV  —  Alligator Malans
Friday 04.10.2013 10:00
Piranha Chur  5 — 1  Sveiva
Piranha Chur  —  Sveiva
Friday 04.10.2013 10:00
Rönnby IBK  5 — 2  SB-Pro
Rönnby IBK  —  SB-Pro
Friday 04.10.2013 18:00
Classic  9 — 0  Vitkovice
Classic  —  Vitkovice
Friday 04.10.2013 20:45
SK Lielvarde  3 — 11  SPV
SK Lielvarde  —  SPV
Saturday 05.10.2013 10:00
Rönnby IBK  9 — 2  Piranha Chur
Rönnby IBK  —  Piranha Chur
Saturday 05.10.2013 13:00
Classic  2 — 3  SB-Pro
Classic  —  SB-Pro
Saturday 05.10.2013 16:00
SPV  4 — 2  Classic
SPV  —  Classic
Saturday 05.10.2013 19:00
Falun  8 — 6  Alligator Malans
Falun  —  Alligator Malans
Sunday 06.10.2013 13:00
Rönnby IBK  4 — 3  SB-Pro
Rönnby IBK  —  SB-Pro
Sunday 06.10.2013 16:15
SPV  5 — 7  Falun
SPV  —  Falun
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Sweden take the double as Falun win the Men´s Champions Cup — 06.10.2013

IBF Falun has defeated Seinäjöen Peliveljet (SPV) to take the Champions Cup 2013 trophy and the 10,000 CHF winner´s cheque.
The first period was very even - with both teams having several good chances to score. The play was at both ends of the court and no one was able to dominate either possession or court position, however both teams did manage to find the net. SPV were first to get on the board when Mikko Kohonen made a fast break up the court and received a high pass from Harri Karjala which he deftly controlled with his back stick and shot with a half volley. The Falun goalkeeper got a touch on it but not enough to stop it crossing the line. 

At the other end it was again the scoring superstar of this tournament Alexander Galante Carlström who was causing problems for SPV. Galante Carlström has been like the ´Lionel Messi´ of the 2013 Floorball Champions Cup. He is one of the smallest players on the court but is able to create scoring opportunities out of nowhere and his shooting has a real ´wow´ factor to it. He has also received the Best player award for Falun in 3 out of their 4 matches. In this first period he scored two goals, combining with centre Alexander Rudd for the first and forward partner, Rasmus Enström for his second to give Falun a 2-1 lead at the first break. This All-Star forward combination has been unstoppable throughout the tournament.

According to sources within the team, off the court, Enström is not very good at keeping track of his possessions, but luckily for his team mates, he seems to have no problems in remembering where the goal is when he is playing. His goal early in the second period extended the Falun lead to 3-1. This period then saw the teams trade goals, with SPV scoring 3 goals and Falun another 2. With the score at 5-4 to Falun at the last break we were set for a tense last period.  

Falun again got the best start to the period when Jonas Svahn scored on a quick counter attack to put their lead back out to 2 goals. Neither team could take advantage of powerplay situations during the period and neither team could manage to get the upper-hand in the match. SPV came back to within 1, but were never able to get back on equal terms with Falun, with them again scoring next to keep their two goal lead and the final score of 7-5.

This was Falun´s first appearance in an IFF club tournament and they well deserve the title of world´s best club team. They scored the most goals (30) and were equal with SPV in having the least amount scored against them (15). So, for the second year in a row, the Swedish teams take the Men´s & Women´s Champions Cup trophies home.

SPV´s Head Coach, Tommy Koponen, thought they were too slow with the ball. 
- In games like this it is very important to score but we missed that.

Falun is the best team with the ball. We are the best team without the ball. At the end they were better. Congratulations, Mikko Kohonen commented.

Thomas Brottman, Falun´s Head Coach paid respect to SPV and said how proud he was of his own team.
- We got the game that we wanted to.
He also said that for him his own match begins now as he is afraid of flying.

Best players:
SPV - Mikko Kohonen 
Falun - Alexander Galante Carlström

More photos by Juhani Järvenpää and Topi Naskali on IFF Flickr

A full replay of the match will be available on IFF YouTube´s channel:  www.youtube.com/iffchannel

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