Helsinki, Finland 29.12.2004


IFF Central Board



Proposal Plan of the Development Programme



Approval of the plan for the IFF Development Programme



In order to develop the quality level of the international Floorball community, we need to strongly develop the organisation and central activities of the IFF member federations and all new federations. At the moment a number of the presently more advanced federations (e.g. Sweden, Switzerland and Finland) use a significant amount of financial resources to educate and support the different new or newer countries.


To speed up the development work of the IFF in order to reach the IFF vision of 50 IFF member federations and by that also fulfilling the IOC requirements, it has been proposed that IFF would start to coordinate this activity a part of our roadmap for the future. The basic idea is to build a development programme for the IFF, for the years 2005 – 2008, which consist of the two pillars:


1)      Organisational education

2)      Coach and Referee education


Programme and model:

The IFF administration is in charge together with the member federations’ specialists, to put together the educational programme. The model for this programme is that IFF will coordinate all development work and the member federations can apply for an educational seminar, where the seminar is organised together with the participating federations.


The organising federation, applying for the seminar, is responsible for the following tasks:


-          Inviting the near federations in the region

-          Inviting all interested parts in the region

-          Provide the infrastructure for the seminar

-          Provide two teams of players


The IFF will provide:


-          The development programme and the materials for the seminar

-          The lecturers selected from the specialist panel

-          Support from manufacturers (if they are interested to participate)


Project management organization:

IFF will put together a panel of specialists, which will be used in these seminars. The panel will consists of persons all over the world and we will use train the trainer approach when we give the first seminars. The IFF administration will build this panel in cooperation with the IFF comities and the member federations. IFF will then appoint the lecturers for each and every seminar.


The financial resources for this programme will start with IFF asking for yearly funding from:

a)      Member federations now using resources to develop Floorball worldwide

b)      Other member federations

c)       Funding from the cooperation with the manufacturers (profit from the material system)

d)      Funding from EU/UN funds


The Development programme will be supervised by the IFF Development Board steering group, which will consist of the present EDC and DB, a total of two to three persons.




Roadmap timetable:


January 2005:         Decision about the process for the development programme by the CB.


March 2005:           Financial planning and structuring by the DB.


March 2005:           Present the basic plan for the Manufacturers and ask for their participation.


April 2005:              Agree upon the content of the educational materials


April 2005:              Select the small task forces for each different part.


May 2005:              Agree upon the timetable for collecting/writing the materials during the summer.


May 2005:              First information to the member federations on the content of the program and how to apply for the educational package.


August 2005:          Finalizing the materials.


August 2005:          Information to all member federations and Floorball contacts.


September 2005:     Build the panel of specialists


October 2005:         Out-roll the Development programme (first seminar during 2005)




Proposal to the CB:


1) To approve the development programme according to the proposed.


2) To approve the timetable for the development programme.



With kindest regards,



John Liljelund

Vice President, IFF