Solna June 22nd, 2004




                                      To:          Czech Floorball Union, Attn. Filip Suman, President

                                                German Floorball Association, Attn. Detlef Stötzner, President



Bidding for the Men’s World Championships 2008


Dear Presidents,


The International Floorball Federation is pleased to have two good associations having sent in letters of interest to organize the WFC 2008 for men.


For the International Floorball Federation (IFF) to be able to evaluate your respective applications to organize the Men’s WFC 2008 properly, we kindly ask you for the following information, to be the IFF office by hand latest on October 30, 2004:



A/         Organizers regulations

The potential organizer is asked, in short, to inform the IFF how you would like to organize the

          WFC 2008. At least the following shall be answered:

1.       What city/cities to play in? You shall enclose brochures and information material in your bid.

2.       Which venues to use (spectator capacity)? You shall enclose brochures and information material in your bid.

3.       Distances between the venues, hotel capacity, youth hostel etc?

4.       Your solution on transportation?

5.       Please look into the organizers regulations (attached) for details. If you have any exception from the regulations this shall be included the information.


B/      Media and television broadcasts

Regarding participants and media it is of huge importance that they will not face problems            entering the organizing nation during the competition as well as carrying out their duties.

  1. In what way will you be able to secure the above, in accordance with the organizers regulations?
  2. A description on how media centres (phone/fax/data communications) for the competition shall be included the information?
  3. It is also of great importance that a national broadcasting company can fulfil and guarantee the broadcasting of at least the final match directly. If more can be guaranteed please feel free to specify - this will strengthen your application. A letter of intention on host broadcaster shall be included, stating that the company agrees to act as a host broadcaster and for how many matches- specified?
  4. From the host broadcasters point of view, and sports events in general, which dates for the WFC 2008 do you/they then propose?


C/      WFC 2008 support and letters of intention

Any governmental/national sports authority support shall be included the information; Such as letters of intention and confirmation from the Sports Confederation, Regional Sports Confederation, National Olympic Committee and civil authorities such as Government and City support (by letters of support and their intent).


D/           Commercial rights and organizers fee/ and budget for the WFC 2008

Regarding financials the IFF wants to stress that IFF owns both the TV rights and the commercial            rights. Nevertheless, if the organizing Association wishes to bid on these rights, please include this

in the information. IFF sponsors can however not be excluded (as we speak i.e. Puma, Precision, Gerflor).

1.       For the rights to organize the organizer shall pay an organizer’s fee. Your bid on fee shall be included the information?

2.       Bid on commercials shall also be included?

3.       A preliminary budget for the competition, from the organizer’s point of view, shall also be included.



The IFF Central Board is scheduled to decide upon organizer of the Men’s World Championships 2008 in its Central Board meeting during the European Cup in January 2005.



Looking forward to your bid, we remain



Yours sincerely

International Floorball Federation




Stefan Kratz b.d.

Secretary General